Polytron may launch a transparent phone this year

February 18, 2013

Polytron may launch a transparent phone this yearThe thought of a transparent cellphone is intriguing but how practical will it actually be?  Well, we may find out at the end of this year.  A Taiwanese company has developed a prototype see through phone that it says may launch at the end of this year.

The Telegraph reported earlier today that Polytron Technologies has developed “a prototype multitouch mobile phone”. The company uses its “Switchable Glass” that they use in a variety of their products.  A video of the actual prototype can be found at Mobile Geeks.

Currently the smartphone doesn’t have an operating system.  According to The Verge “Polytron is already in serious discussions with "major smartphone makers" across the US, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.” The company is supposedly pretty confident that the phone can be launched to consumers by the end of 2013 which is rather hard to believe considering the early stage of the prototype.

The phone would be multitouch on both sides which could lead to some interesting possibilities.  The OLED (organic light emitting diodes) display works by realigning the the liquid crystal molecules when the power is turned on. The current prototype is an entirely transparent phone which means you see the innards in all of its glory.  The batteries, SD card, Microphone and speaker are all visible.  The company says that it would use dark glass to hide them.

So Polytron has created a transparent prototype.  The company is working on improving the screen since it has to at least meet current standards of readability etc.  There is also the issue of software and an operating system.  I guess the company that decides to actually create the smartphone under its brand will choose the operating system.

But that gets back to whether an invisible phone is really something consumers want.  Think about it.  When you make a call everyone else can see who you are calling and the number.  Emails and texts will be visible to others unless you obscure the back of your phone.  Your boss will know that you are really playing Bad Pigs during the staff meeting and not taking notes.  Is transparency really what we want in a phone?


Photo from Mobile Geeks

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