Cellhire gives users rental options for overseas communications

June 11, 2012

Cellhire gives users rental options for overseas communicationsMost people don’t have global cellphones so when they travel they either have to purchase one here or where they visit, which can be expensive.  This is where Cellhire comes in.  It offers a variety of rental options for those traveling to other places. 

Cellhire is a global company so you will find offices in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, China and the United States.  As mentioned above, the company offers a variety of solutions for people traveling on either side of the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Oceans.  While offices are only in certain countries, the service is provided for most Western and Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Asian, North American and South American countries, and Australia.  Pretty much everywhere.  The call rates back to the United States range in price depending on the location, and service rented.

If you already have an unlocked phone, many people can get buy with simply renting a SIM card from the company through its SIMsmart prepaid program.  The thirteen cents per minute rate is much lower than some other services that charge $1.50 for calls back to the United States. You can keep your US phone number if you want for an additional charge of $.49 on incoming calls.  In many countries incoming calls are free but outgoing calls can vary by country. According to the company, the services provide “carrier-grade call quality” and “free email support for life.” 

Other rental options include phone and SIM card rentals, BlackBerry rentals in select portions of the world and mobile Internet rentals.  At the rate BlackBerry is losing value, its unclear if it will even be a viable company soon.  According to IOL Scitech BlackBerry stock has dropped from a high of $140 per share down to just $10.  Cellhire might need to be looking for other options.

Currently, all rentals are conducted online and phones or SIM cards get shipped to you and are shipped back to the company in a prepaid return pack.  It’s simple. Your rental phone or SIM card arrives prior to your trip and gets mailed back at the end.  You don’t have to spend time in a foreign country looking for a place to purchase either a disposable phone or a SIM card for your unlocked phone. 

For those traveling overseas, keep Cellhire in mind as one option for cellphone coverage over seas.  It might fits your needs and pocketbook very well.













































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