Why I want the Nokia Lumia 900 to sell well

April 12, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 900 is now available to buy in North America, and it’s a phone that even iPhone and Android diehards are being urged to consider. I really want to see this phone do well in the marketplace, and here’s why.

The Nokia Lumia 900 has garnered great reviews. Not wholly positive, sure, but the best of any Windows Phone handset to date, and any Nokia Handset for a long while. I’m pleased, really pleased. I feared the worst; that the Lumia 800 was going to be the highpoint, that it would downhill from here on in. But no. Nokia is improving the Lumia with every new hardware release.

There are two big reasons I’d like to see the Nokia Lumia 900 and its successors sell in large numbers:

I’d Like Nokia To Bounce Back

There will be few people reading this who haven’t owned a Nokia handset at some point in time. Nokia was THE mobile phone company for many years, and still enjoys an impressive market share. The problem is that while the rest of the world moved on to smartphones, Nokia did not. At least not very successfully.

I’d like Nokia to bounce back because we know they’re capable of producing fantastic mobile phones. And the Nokia Lumia 900 is a great looking handset that will live or die by its operating system: Windows Phone.

I’d Like Windows Phone To Succeed

Love or hate Microsoft it would be good news for all if Windows Phone was able to get a foothold in the market currently carved up between Apple iOS and Google Android. Competition is good, and a three-horse race would be more-preferable than the two-horse race we are currently watching from the stands.

I’d like Windows Phone to succeed because doing so will keep Google and Apple from becoming complacent. If they’re constantly looking over their shoulder to a looming Microsoft they will both need to innovate.

I guess the next step is for me to buy a Nokia Lumia 900. But only if you buy one first.

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One Response to “Why I want the Nokia Lumia 900 to sell well”

  1. Titus:

    *I guess the next step is for me to buy a Nokia Lumia 900. But only if you buy one first.*

    I bought one, and I love it. WP7 is a nice change from the 5 year old boredom that is iOS and the hell that Android is trying to get the interface to stop crashing.

    The hardware is great, and people at work love to steal it during their lunchbreak to play the WP7 only games like Wordament.

    So now you better go buy one.

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