Steve Wozniak gushes over Android

January 17, 2012

Steve Wozniak gushes over AndroidIf Steve Jobs were alive today, he’d probably have a heart attack. His fellow Apple founder Steve Wozniak has gone on record listing the ways he thinks Android handsets are superior to iPhones.

Where Jobs once said his desire to destroy Android was at a level of “themonuclear war” and that he’d happily spend every penny Apple had in that quest, Wozniak seems to have a somewhat more level-headed attitude.

He told The Daily Beast that he personally uses both an iPhone and an Android handset (presumably having kept it well hidden when visiting Jobs’s office), having used both a Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Droid Razr.

Although loving the beauty of the iPhone, Wozniak says “I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.” Among the specifics, he says Android is “way ahead” when it comes to navigation, the iPhone battery life has problems that means he has to switch applications off, and that Android voice recognition works better than the iPhone’s Siri.

Indeed, Wozniak even believes Siri’s performance is deteriorating, both making comedic mistakes with recognition, and frequently failing to even connect to Apple’s own servers (Siri’s voice is on the handset, but his brain is in a data center.)

All in all, the only people Wozniak thinks should bother with the iPhone 4S are existing Mac users, or people who are scared of computers and just want a simple but effective phone — though that is of course a large proportion of both the existing and potential audience for smartphones.

Fun as such sacrilege is to read, it’s not going to be of much importance if it simply fuels online fanboy bitchfests. What really matters now is whether Apple takes note of Wozniak’s comments and improves the phone to address his specific complaints.

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