Top 40 best free iPhone 4 games

August 25, 2010

Top 40 best free iphone 4 gamesWith over 200,000 apps in the App Store now, finding the top 40 best free iPhone 4 games can be a chore that would drive a sane person mad.  Luckily we’re here to help you.

There are tons and tons of free games for the iPhone 4, but where do you even start in choosing one? We’ve gathered up 40 of the best free ones for you from eight different categories to give you a jumping off point to filling up your phone’s memory. Just remember to keep them organized or else you’ll spend all your free time just looking for the right icon to start playing.

Please note that all apps were free at the time this was authored.  Developers can and do change their minds, so always double check a price before downloading.

Board Game Applications

All-in-1 Games by Playmesh: Play nine different games in one app such as Reversi, Dots, Chess and more.  Thanks to Playmesh support there are also forums, chat rooms, inbox and more.

Dots Free: The classic pencil-and-paper game where players take turns drawing lines between dots, and the one to complete a box “owns” it.  Supports one or two players.

Glow Puzzle: Connect the dots, but it isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.  Over 170 puzzles are currently available, 20 of which are free, and additional packs are sold at $.99 each.

Tic Tac Toe Free: The title of course tells you what this game is, you can play single player against the AI, or against opponents via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Warships: Place your fleet around the board and then try to sink your opponent’s fleet by guessing where to hit.  This only resembles the classic game Battleship in your imagination.  We swear.

Card Game Applications

Hearts Free: Hearts, a classic card game, comes to the iPhone and lets you set the points for the game and all of the other options you could desire.

Memory Matches: Developed with the higher resolution of the iPhone 4 display in mind, this is a memory matching game where you flip over the cards and try to find the other half of the pair.

Pyramid Free: A free version of Pyramid solitaire that allows you to set the difficulty level, which will in turn determine how many times you may go through the cards.

Solitaire: Your basic game of solitaire that allows you to choose to draw one or three cards along with other features.

War Free: The classic card game of War comes to the iPhone with one or two player options, sound effects, animations and an auto-save feature for when you have to answer the phone.

Casino Game Applications

Blackjack Free: Customize the number of decks in the dealer’s shoe, get tips on how to count cards and more.

Free Video Poker: A bit simple looking, but will easily suit your needs if you’re a video poker fan.

iSlots: A standard slot machine just brought to your iPhone 4 so that you can play any time you want.

Live Poker: From Zynga, the kind of social gaming applications, this is the most popular poker game on Facebook and MySpace and it has now come to your iPhone.  Play poker against other players, chat with them, but the table a virtual beer and more.

World Poker Tour: Texas Hold ‘Em – Lite: Besides the name of this app being a mouthful, you can polish up your Texas Hold ‘Em skills before moving on to the paid version of this app to play people around the world, or going off to a real life tournament.

Music Game Applications

Dance Dance Revolution S+: Based on the hit game in Japan that really launched the idea of musical rhythm games, Dance Dance Revolution S+ allows you to sample the game and then buy additional songs for it via the in-game store.

Ear Trading: A game that mixes music with stock trading that has you buying and selling tones.

Music Bubble: Play piano music by tracking the colored bubbles, you can play anywhere from beginner to professional level.

Six-String Free: A game that mixes the the usual rhythm game with playing guitar for another level of excitement.

Tap Tap Revenge 3: If there is one music game to have, this is probably the one.  Tap along to the beat of the songs from bands such as Metallica, Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha and more.

Racing Game Applications

Light Bike 2: Customize your bike and race against opponents around the world.  Try not to notice it looks a lot like the light cycles in Tron.

LilRacerz Pro Rally: One of the most popular racing games across iTunes stores across the world, you can play on multiple tracks, unlock cars, find shortcuts and a whole lot more.

MotoGP 2010 Lite: Try out this highly detailed motorcycle game, ride official bikes, multiple tracks, multiple camera angles, modes and more.

Rhythm Racer: Race around a 3D world to hit music, chat with friends, rank up on the leader boards and other features.

Whacksy Taxi: Race a taxi across the United States collecting power-ups, dodging traffic, leaping over other motorists, tour seven detailed cities and more.

Role Playing Game Applications

Kingdoms at War: Build up your kingdom, gather allies to strengthen your clan to engage in clan wars, enjoy real-time chat with other players and become addicted.

Pocket Legends: Play in a 3D world where you interact with other players and NPCs, go on quests, control your games and a slew of other features.

Villains: Build your evil alliance, take on missions, claw your way into the top 10 villains, weekly content updates and other features.

World War Desert Edition: Fight with over 2.8 million other players as you choose your units, chat with friends, recruit friends to go on missions to build up your honor and so on.

Zombie Farm: You know what’s more fun than farming vegetables?  Farming zombies, of course!  Plant corpses to grow zombies and increase the size of your undead army … it’s really, really colorful, but somehow still odd.

Simulation Game Apps

City Story: Build a creative city to the way you like with buildings, rivers, parks and you can invite your Facebook friends to be your neighbors.

FarmVille: The insanely addictive game from Facebook comes to the iPhone.  Somehow we doubt you need to have this explained to you, but just in case, yes, you run a farm.

Paper Toss: Compete against the world to see who is the top paper tosser in the world.  No word yet on championships, but you know it’ll happen some day.

Tap Fish: Raise your fish, cross breed them, maintain multiple tanks and choose which ones to sell.

Virtual City Free: A limited version of the full game to let you try it out, but see if you can build and manage the city of your dreams.

Word Game Applications

Crossword Light: Try out the game on a selection of 40 challenging puzzles.

Hangman Classic Free: Is there a more pleasant way to kill some time than trying to keep from killing a little stick figure man while you guess words?

Mad Gab: Say the phrases out loud and see if you can guess what the words are really supposed to be.

Word Scramble 2: Made by Zynga, get a board of letters and see how many words you can find in the allotted time.  Play against people from around the world.

WordSearch Unlimited Free: The classic word search game is a great way to kill time, but how often do you have pencil paper with you to play it?  Carry it around on your iPhone now and play any time.

For even more great free iPhone 4 games check out Top 20 best free iPhone games at FREE ACCESS.

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