Top 40 best free Palm apps

July 4, 2009

Top 40 best free Palm apps Looking for free apps for your Palm? Check out this compilation of what we think are the top 40 best free Palm apps (in alphabetical order).

3XCommander – This is a fast and simple file manager that combining the ease of the Palm OS and Windows programs. The app supports standard, hi-res and hi-res+ displays in several screen configurations. It also offers a tabbed interface, which makes manipulating files a breeze.

A5 – Use this app to replace your device’s default Datebooks and Task applications. It adds a week view, supports repeating events and offers an icon manager.

AvantGo – This app works both as an offline newsreader and Web browser. It copies page and stores them on your Palm for offline viewing.

BatteryGraph – A useful utility for monitoring the battery status of your Palm device, this app logs the current battery status in a database when you switch on or off your device. It display the time the device has been on since the last charge and the current battery status.

CallBlocker v1.0B – This app allows you to block calls from a specific number. The app would have been better if it allowed you to block more than one number.

Calories v1.0 – This app is an easy way to automatically calculate calorie consumption and expenditure. It also lets you categorize calories by the type of meal.

CardTXT v0.70c – This text editor can process up to a 4MB file. It supports landscape and portrait full screen mode, offers robust import and export features and supports HiRes tiny font.

ClockPop5 – This clock popup application displays appointments and phone info on your device’s ClockPop screen. It also features a skin manager and full documentation.

Converter – This easy-to-use unit conversion app supports 200 types of units in 23 different categories.

Digital Collection – This app lets you manage your music CD’s, DVD’s, video games and other collections in one database. It features customizable categories, a colorful hi-res interface, graphic statistics and more.

eReader – This ebook reader supports standard PalmDoc and eReader formats.

Facebook - Palm’s Facebook app works only on the Treo and Centro units. It offers a small-scale interface for your Facebook account.

GPS Buddy – Record latitude, longitude and UTC data using your Palm’s GPS.

HandyShopper v3.1 – This app allows you to create a shopping database of items you regularly purchase.

HappyDays v2.37 – This app helps you remember the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family. It supports the lunar calendar, category, automatic caching, notification record, international date format, solar to lunar calendar conversion and more.

InfraChat – This is a lightweight multi-mode IM chat program featuring three chatting modes: text, pictures or both. The app only requires 83K of your device’s memory.

KMaps – This is a mobile version of Google Maps, offering searchable maps worldwide, directions and satellite imagery.

KsDatebook – This app adds other features to the default Calendar app including weekly view with text and text display in monthly view. It uses the same database as the built-in Datebook and data you enter using KsDatebook can be edited in Palm Desktop on your PC through HotSync.

KsToDo 1.6.1- Similar to KsDatebook, this is also a good replacement for your Palm’s task app. It use the same database as the default app and supports HotSync as well.

Librarian – Featuring a great user interface, this app looks after records of books such as titles and authors, their borrowers and other information. It also include a Perl program that converts databases to and from CSV format.

M Block V.1.0 – This music playback app lets you adjust the speed of music tones to create new tones.

McBudget – This is a basic budgeting app that lets you input your monthly income, expenses and see what is left in your budget.

Meeting Log v1.0 – This app keeps logs of your meetings including the list of names of people who attended and their contributions. It allows you to export the meeting notes as a memo.

Messenger v2.0 – If you found yourself in a noisy environment and wanted to say something, this app would come in handy. It lets you display a message on the screen for others to see and read.

MetrO v5.5.3 – This app gives you the shortest route between two subway stations in more than 350 cities worldwide, including Paris, New York, Tokyo and more.

Music Tones v1.0 – Use mp3, wav, aac, and amr file formats as ringtones with this app. The app also lets you cut and crop the music files before loading them into your Palm device.

Opera Mini – This Palm version of the Opera Mini browser offers a great window to the Web. It also supports note synching between a PC and Palm device.

Palm PDF – This is a feature-rich PDF reader which supports native PDF files on almost every Palm OS 5 devices. It supports documents downloads from email, Bluetooth or online. The app offers a scratchpad, personal bookmarks, customized skins, hyperlinks, presentation mode and on-device conversion of files into plain text.

PalmBible+ – This is a handy Bible reader program featuring dual version display, footnote support, highlighted bookmarks and drag scrolling. It also features language translations.

PCPilot – This app lets you control MS Powerpoint, Windows Media Player or iTunes on your Windows PC using your Palm device. It connects through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network.

PhotoBeamer – This app lets you receive photos from digital cameras that support the IrTran-P infrared protocol. You simply need to point the camera and your Palm devices at each and press “send” on the camera and “receive” on your Palm device.

Pocket Express – This app delivers personalized, searchable news, sports, weather, travel and more.

PsMemo – A great alternative to your Palm’s default MemoPad, this app adds several useful features.

Search v1.0 – This app allows you to search within your Palm’s memo and calendar apps. Search combined words or browse for calendar items with direction and limit dates.

snapCALC – This is a simple, yet feature-rich, calculator app, which can be launched with a simple stroke or button sequence.

Spell5 – This clipboard editor and American English spell checker contains a 172,000-word-list, and provides alternative spellings when a misspelled word is found.

Today – This app provides a one-page overview of current appointments, tasks, mail, etc. along with the current date/time and owner information. The app is highly configurable, skinnable and can be used as a mini-launcher.

Top Story V2.02 – This RSS feed reader allows you to tailor the information you get from your favorite feed aggregator. It works with any RSS format.

TouchBook – This is a great alternative to the device’s default Address Book and Contacts apps. It allows you to access phone numbers and addresses using your fingers or the stylus. It also allows you to send emails and SMS messages.

Where Am I (WAI) – This application uses your device’s GPS to pinpoint your current location and displays it on Google’s map program.

Have we missed one of your favorite free Palm apps? Feel free to add it in the comments.

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