Top 40 best free Windows Mobile apps

April 9, 2009

blorgeWindows Mobile cell phones are alive and well despite the proliferation of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android-equipped devices. And along with Microsoft’s mini operating system come a host of applications. We’ve gathered the top free Windows Mobile apps and presented them below in alphabetical order.

AIM Mobile Beta – Featuring a slick User Interface, color emoticon support, and support for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, this app is like having AIM’s desktop IM client on your phone.

Dashwire – This app lets you back up your phone’s contacts, text messages, videos and photos online where you can access them using your PC’s web browser. The app lets you share photos and videos or upload them to your Flickr or Facebook accounts.

File Explorer Extensions – Here’s a great alternative to the default Windows Mobile File Explorer. This app features resizable headers for easy sorting by file name, date of last modification or size, tree view of folders, and icon views. In addition, the app offers an image preview function.

FingerSuite – This app is a cool alternative to the standard menu and message box on Windows Mobile phones. It provides attractive and easy-to-use menus.

FlashLight – Who says only the iPhone can turn into a flashlight? This app gives you access to various light applications including LAMP, strobe, fader, disco, pen, lighter, and more.

Google Sync – If you’re a fan of Google’s web services such as Gmail, Calendar, and online contacts manager, then you’ll want this app.  It syncs your phone to all of your Google accounts.

Group SMS – We are all fond of sending messages to multiple recipients, right? Group SMS makes it easy letting you send a text to a large group without keying in phone numbers one by one.

GSPlayer – This app is a great way to manage your MP3s.

HelloTwitFace – This is one of the best looking Twitter clients for Windows Mobile phones, letting you view and update your Twitter and Facebook status.

iContactThis is an intuitive Windows Mobile contact chooser that supports VGA skins of any screen size.

iDialer – This app serves as a dialpad for your phone, allowing you to make calls using your virtual number from Google Voice/Grand Central, or Jajah. The app features various interchangeable skins and supports VGA and QVGA skins in both portrait and landscape modes.

iFonz – If you don’t want to get an iPhone but want to experience its home screen interface, then you might want this app. If doesn’t offer any new functionality outside of replicating the appearance of Apple’s phone.

iPlayer – This app lets you browse and stream contents from BBC’s iPlayer. It features a finger-friendly user interface and lets you browse content by highlights, popularity, category and more.

Kevtris – Looking for a nice little game to play on your Windows Mobile phone? This Tetris hybrid can be addicting once you get used to using your phone’s small buttons.

Magic Button – This task management app is located on your phone’s title bar. It hides automatically when you don’t need it and blends well with your phone’s theme.

mDigger – This app is similar to a mobile RSS reader. It also allows you to select the format of those feeds – text, images, videos or podcasts – and tailor-fits content to your phone’s screen.

mLock – This phone lock app starts running the moment your phone goes to suspend mode. You can customize its function and its appearance. The app features portrait and landscape orientation, supports QVGA and WQVGA resolution and more.

MobilePad – This light and speedy text document editor that lets you create quick notes and long journals. This app also lets you exchange files or text messages. It features auto-save, landscape mode, text zooming, search and replace capability, and more.

MSN Direct – Since we’re talking about Windows Mobile app, a Microsoft app should be on the list. MSN Direct sits right on your phone’s home screen and gives you access to up-to-date news, stocks, and weather information all coming from the MSN website.

MyMobiler - Want to remotely control your WinMo phone? Then this app is a must download. With it you can use Active Sync connection to remotely access your phone from a computer. 

Newsgator Go – This is a good RSS news reader app that integrates with the online NewsGator service. The app features good navigation interface and the ability to clip articles for reading later.

Opera Mobile – This is a great alternative to the default Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer. It offers faster web browsing and better panning and zooming.

PDAcraft Paint – If you have a touchscreen Window Mobile phone, this app is a fun download. You can draw directly on your phone’s screen using a stylus and manipulate bitmap graphics in the same environment as the popular Paint program.

PhoneLog – This simple app records all your calls (including their duration) on the phone’s calendar. It also logs incoming SMS messages.

Pocket Digital Clock – A better alternative to the default Windows Mobile default digital clock, this app offers a larger, easy-to-read white-on-black digital clock display that sits atop your phone’s Today screen.

Pocket DivX Player – Pocket DivX Player lets you play DiVx, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-1 videos, Mp3, and OpenDivX video formats. The app features a 10-band equalizer, a playlist editor, playlist support, web streaming, brightness control, and more.

PocketCM Keyboard – The iPhone’s finger-friendly virtual keyboard is great. But who says you can’t have the same on a Windows Mobile phone? With the help of this app you can compose text messages and do other things using your phone’s screen.

PocketQuake – Who could ever forget the classic game Quake? Certainly not the developer of this Windows Mobile game. This pocket version is reminiscent of the original 3D shooter game, replete with quality graphics and addictive gameplay.

PocketRAR – We all need a pocketable file extraction utility on our phone, and this app fills that need well. It offers a good graphic interface and can compress, decompress and delete files in both RAR and ZIP archives.

Pointui – This app makes your phone’s interface simple and fingertip friendly. It increases the size of your phone’s home screen icons allowing you to access the phone’s functions quickly.

Scrub - This app lets your detect missing information like email addresses, phone numbers and birthdays from your contacts by quickly scanning your phone and groups the information to let you identify what is missing from your contacts’ entries.

SKTools Lite – This free version of SKTools lets you delete old or obsolete files, cleans your phone’s registry, fixes shortcuts, and frees vital RAM.

Skyfire beta – A free version of the powerful Skyfire app, Skyfire beta lets you watch Flash videos, listen to music, and enjoy a desktop interface on your phone’s screen. It also supports AJAX, Silverlight and Quicktime formats.

Skype – Before the Skype iPhone app, there was the Windows Mobile version. Use it to make voice calls over Wi-Fi, free Skype-to-Skype calls and affordable landline and mobile phone calls.

Slick – This app lets you send instant message through Google Talk, Jabber, AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo. It also features text messaging, emoticons, message history and more.

SmartTouch – This is a mobile widget platform providing seamless access to branded content and services including Facebook and Google. It features a simple scroll-and-click text messaging system shortcuts.

ToneThis – Use this app to create customized and unlimited ringtones from your CD, MP3, WAV, iTunes, and video files.

Windows Mobile phones are alive and well despite the proliferation of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android-equipped devices. And along with Microsoft’s mini operating system come a host of applications. We’ve gathered the top free Windows Mobile apps and presented them below in alphabetical order.

WorldMate – If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll find this app very useful. It features Itineraries Manager, which provides information on flights, meetings, public transportation, car rentals, and hotels. It also lets your import booking confirmation e-mails from your PC to your phone.

YouTube Player – YouTube fans will certainly enjoy this. The app features a minimalist interface suitable for a small screen.

If we’ve missed an app you think should be on the list, feel free to add it in the comments.

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27 Responses to “Top 40 best free Windows Mobile apps”

  1. ram:

    I guess fring should be on the list, if you IM and do voip calls, then nothing comes closer to this wonder app!

  2. Brian Hamachek:

    Windows Mobile SMS Sync –

  3. Andy G:

    Pandora radio is a must have..

  4. Dave:

    Should have pocketCM image viewer
    Great little app!!!

  5. CYD Vicious:

    Task Facade, a fantastic Touch based Task Switcher.

    Twikini, Twitter App, Free if you blog about it…see their site for details.

  6. Chad:

    Very nice list!! HelloTwitface is a must have for Twitter and Facebook users. @chadhembree :)

  7. Winows Mobile Freeware:

    try hdWobble ( NSFW ) :

  8. Brad:

    Skyfire is awesome – It is the closest thing to converting your wm device into a desktop PC browsing experience – Watch imbedded videos, listen to music, Check it out. Go to

  9. Keisha:

    I also like these two free games: Tikitic American Football and Tikitic Junk Food.
    It’s a game between a quizz and Tetris: you must guess the words that fall down the screen and shoot the letters of these words by typing them on the keyboard before they hit the ground.
    The game is designed around different themes: football, junk food, music so you’re sure to find one you’ll like!
    It’s fun and the graphics are entertaining too!
    There are free versions so why not try them?
    Hope you’ll like it as much as I do and spread the word…

  10. ubetido:

    Also most handy is youtubeplay, lets you record videos from youtube and store them, it will also extract Mp3 from a video.

  11. surendra:

    best media player
    kinoma media playe
    best twitter-motweets

  12. Blah:

    SPB Mobile Shell, MAJOR must have, nothing tops this!!!!

  13. Disco Potato:

    FREE GPS! It gives turn by turn directions, however it doesn’t give road names. You cannot beat a free GPS navigation though, it works very well, I use it all the time.

  14. nokia e series:

    i like opera, beacuse this is cheap and easy to use

  15. Mohamed Hassan:

    Thanks for the list..still gonna try some of them :D

  16. chamberdsoul:

    How about vTap and Waze? vtap is excellent for web videos and waze is a social GPS, live updates from other users in your area!

  17. marcel:

    touchpal, to me by far the best virtual keyboard
    coreplayer, just plays it all
    skyfire, browser with flashplayer
    opera mini 5, for fast and easy browsing the internet (use esmertec jbed midlet manager), faster than opera mobile
    spb radio, your favorite stations everywhere (gprs is not fast enough though)
    total commander (eg editing registry settings)

  18. Hillary Betha:

    Hi, I found this blog article while looking for help with fixing Microsoft Silverlight. I’ve recently switched browsers from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox 3.1. Now I seem to have a problem with loading sites that use Microsoft Silverlight. Everytime I go on a website that needs Microsoft Silverlight, my browser doesn’t load and I get a “npctrl.dll” error. I can’t seem to find out how to fix it. Any help getting Microsoft Silverlight to function is very appreciated! Thanks

  19. nowhereus:

    Waze is so full of glitches right now it shouldnt make the list. I had it briefly and then dumped it fast. In theory it should be great using everyones GPS to load data on small side roads as well as user iput is awesome but it just fails

  20. mark:

    Does anyone know of an app that will play FLAC on windows mobile?
    Many Thanks

  21. Andrew:

    Does anyone know where I can get free games for my HTC HD2.

  22. Scott:

    I am looking for an app that will record and play phone conversations and also play audio files over the phone. The voice record app that comes with WinMob6.5pro will only record one side of a conversation.

  23. Alan:

    The first thing I could do with is a help manual for Windows Mobile…

    It seems to me that the “applications” available for phones, including WM, fall into the “How to get your phone to do stuff it should do anyway” genre, or sily games/social networking.

    For a long time I resisted a “smartphone”, now I’ve got one… well it aint so smart. You need “apps” to do half the things you want, yet there’s few apps for anything truly useful.

    Perhaps a list of the paid-for apps would bear more fruit?

  24. orlando:

    I’m using outlook E-mail and it locks my phone when is not in use. is there an application i could download for my windows that will no lock my phone all the time?

  25. sergiosantos24:

    i found this one here:

    I was looking for a Radio FM Recorder for Pocket PC but nothing appears. Do you kown where i can get one?

  26. josh:

    Scott: i use ACR for recording both sides of the phone call. and you can set it to start when ever a call is made/recieved and choose where it saves. i use my sd card. i have a htc hd2.

  27. gh rep:

    TCPMP can play FLAC files on wm5

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