Amazon developing 3D phone

October 3, 2013

Amazon developing 3D phoneRumors of Amazon building its own smartphone have been floating around for months, but new details are emerging. It now seems the company is developing two handsets, one of which has some nifty 3D features.

Sony tries new marriage of camera and phone

September 26, 2013

qx100Sony is selling a standalone camera lens that clips on to your smartphone. The idea is to marry the benefits of a digital camera and a phone, but the results appear to be a mixed bag.

The Phonebloks concept imagines a smartphone that is easy to modify and upgrade

September 19, 2013

Phonebloks blocksCurrently, my phone has a broken screen. To get a replacement screen would cost more than the phone is worth. To get a replacement phone would cost more than I can afford. Cue the Phonebloks concept where I could literally just replace my screen easily and affordably while keeping the rest of my phone intact.

BBM comes to iPhones and Android

September 19, 2013

BBM comes to iPhones and AndroidResearch in Motion has confirmed its BBM messaging service will be available on iOS and Android devices from this weekend. But there’ll be no appearance yet on Windows Phone handsets.

Mobile ads ‘should be exempt from election rules’

September 12, 2013

Mobile ads 'should be exempt from election rules'A mobile advertising firm thinks its work, and that of its rivals, should be exempted from election laws that require disclaimers. Revolution Messaging says its not practical to fit a disclaimer on a small-screen ad.

Fujitsu targets older users with ‘easy’ smartphone

September 5, 2013

Fujitsu targets older users with 'easy' smartphoneFujitsu is marketing a smartphone aimed at older users who want the benefits of an Internet connection without the complexity. It doesn’t lend itself to an upgrade cycle, but the company may be able to make its money through exports.

Moto X could see a $100 price drop in time for the holidays and new cover offerings

August 31, 2013

Moto X could see a $100 price drop in time for the holidays and new cover offeringsAs reviews have repeatedly pointed out, if you want the top specs in an Android smartphone, don’t pick the Moto X. Although Motorola’s flagship phone has much to recommend it, it doesn’t have the highest definition screen or the latest processor. In spite of its middle of the road tech specs, it still costs $199, the same as Samsung’s G4 and HTC’s One both of which have the 1080 p screens and faster processors.

T-Mobile sues AT&T over the color magenta

August 29, 2013

magentaSmartphone manufacturers have set the bar low for petty lawsuits over intellectual property. But now T-Mobile and AT&T have reached new depths with a case that may end in a court trying to decide what color a plum is.

A new Transit App makes moving around big cities a easier

August 28, 2013

A new Transit App makes moving around big cities easierFor travelers that have a limited amount of app space on their phones, having to download a different transit app for every city they visit can quickly eat up memory.  Transit App could solve that problem since it covers public transportation options for 43 cities around the world.

Moto Maker goes live with AT&T and Moto X comes to Verizon

August 27, 2013

Moto Maker goes live with AT&T and Moto X comes to VerizonFor those of you interested in creating a custom phone, head over to AT&T where you can use the Moto Maker to customize your Moto X.  Verizon customers can look for the Moto X later this month but don’t anticipate any choice other than white or black.

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