Facetime fight back begins

September 20, 2012

Facetime fight back beginsAT&T seems confident its ban on Apple’s FaceTime use over cellphone networks among customers on older data plans is legitimate. That confidence is about to be tested thanks to the first steps to a regulatory challenge.

One in three new handsets are smartphones

September 13, 2012

One in three new handsets are smartphonesAn estimated 35 percent of all mobile phones sold this year will be smartphones according to one analyst. If that figure sounds surprisingly low, bear in mind it’s a worldwide figure — and could hit 50 percent in a couple of years.

Nokia admits faking smartphone ad

September 6, 2012

Nokia admits faking smartphone adNokia has this week displayed a dramatic video of a video stabilization feature in its forthcoming Lumia 920 smartphone. Unfortunately it’s now been forced to admit the footage was actually shot with a full-blown video camera.

Check out Google Play’s $.99 “End of Summer Sale”

September 2, 2012

Check out Booble Play's $.99 "End of Summer Sale"Who doesn’t love a sale and for those of you sporting an Android device, now is the time to scoop up some great apps for less than a dollar.  Want a better input method than the stock keyboard? Pick up SwiftKey 3 on the cheap.  Want a few games to keep you occupied during down time?  There are several to choose from.

Samsung kicks off Windows Phone 8

August 30, 2012

Samsung kicks off Windows Phone 8In an ironic piece of timing given its problems with Apple, Samsung had become the first company to confirm a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. It’s also announced an impressive looking sequel to the Galaxy Note.

Smaller networks fight back with unlimited data

August 23, 2012

Smaller networks fight back with unlimited dataThe dominant networks in the US market are dropping unlimited data deals like a hot potato, but their smaller rivals think that gives them a valuable weapon. Both T-Mobile and MetroPCS are offering new deals on unlimited data.

Retail giants work on own mobile payment system

August 16, 2012

Retail giants work on own mobile payment systemSeveral of the largest retail chains in theUnited Statesare working on a payment network that will allow customers to pay via a smartphone. It could challenge similar efforts made by both cellphone networks and tech giants.

Smartphone market now a two-horse race

August 9, 2012

Smartphone market now a two-horse raceTwo trends have been apparent in the smartphone market for some time now: Android becoming dominant in number one slot and everyone else other than Apple taking a real kicking. Newly released figures confirm that trend: if you buy a smartphone today, it’s probably running Android.

Apple & Samsung battle spills outside courtroom

August 2, 2012

Apple & Samsung battle spills outside courtroomMost trials involve lawyers arguing about the evidence they present in court. But the Apple-Samsung battle has now turned into a dispute about what Samsung said outside the court buildings.

NFC security questioned

July 26, 2012

NFC security questionedWhenever a new technology emerges, you can quickly expect one of two things: porn and hackers. Sadly for skin flick lovers it’s the latter that’s making the news with Near Field Communication.

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